Your own exchange strategy in a couple of minutes!
Choose the algo strategies you like and combine them to make your own one, unique and brand-new
How it works?
Review your strategies
You enter the Moifolio application where you see the trading algorithms you have created.
Improve one
You are pleased with the strategy performance, but you decide to improve its results.
Look through the options
The storefront shows the strategies you can add to the one you already have to improve it. Line charts help you to assess the strategies.
Click the one you go for
On clicking a strategy, you can learn more of its main indicators, record and ratios, structure of assets and completed transactions ...
Look at the outcome
… visualization of adding the new strategy to the existing one.
Take a decision
Does the new strategy suit you? Add it to your own one and…
Go back to your day
… the updated strategy already works on your brokerage account.
Moifolio Benefits
Visual trading
Make decisions based on the strategy charts. Simple and clear.
No need to transfer your assets. They are held on your account at your broker.
Risk management
Three levels of control ensure safety of our users.
We are not affiliated with any broker, so we neither impose nor sell their services to you.
You can discuss the strategy with the author and other users of the service.
Simple and clear subscription fees. The daily cost is no more than a cup of coffee.
Moifolio Subscription Plans
For one strategy per a trading day
0 $
You see the strategy chart and decide what to do. Plain and simple
0.5 $
Push- notifications to instant messengers, e-mail letters
0.6 $
API connection
Automatic execution on your brokerage account
Investment is easy with Moifolio
Install Moifolio app
Make up your own strategy by choosing from the existing ones
Monitor your strategy in a “non-execution” mode and improve it
Connect your brokerage account as soon as you get the result you are comfortable with
Fund your app account to pay the subscription plan for the strategies you have chosen
Launch your brand-new strategy on your brokerage account